Every now and then life has a way of hitting us hard, and we can become overwhelmed and inevitably stuck! We believe that when individuals enter counseling they are feeling gridlocked in their current situation and need assistance navigating their way out of the storms. We see counseling as a process by which we guide our clients in exploration, clarifications, and identification of their needs. Often times, we might not know what we need, we just know something needs to change! We are here to help you figure it out. Through therapeutic techniques, treatment modalities, and supportive listening, we help raise clients' awareness of ineffective behaviors and distorted ways of thinking that may be standing in the way of the change they wish to see. At Sims Counseling & Consulting, we believe transformation begins with renewed thoughts, meaning if you can change your thinking; you can change your life! 


In therapy, we provide a safe place for clients to explore their lives and their core beliefs that shape the reality they are living. No person is the same, therefore we integrate a variety of therapeutic interventions that will yield optimum results for each unique individual.  In session, we focus on the whole being and incorporate mindfulness based interventions to help individuals make mind and body connections. We are sensitive to issues of faith and spirituality, and at your request we are willing to incorporate spirituality into treatment.


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What We Do...

 In therapy, we provide a safe place for individuals to explore their lives, choices,  and their core beliefs that shape the reality they are living. We help our clients find their own answers, make empowered decisions, and feel confident in their choices. Therapy is a partnership! Together we will identify challenges and set managable goals.


We Believe...

"Transformation begins with Renewed Thoughts.

 If you can change your thinking, you Can Change your Life."



-La Shonda Sims Duncan, MFT, LPC, LPCC, NCC
I want you to LIVE 
the LIFE you Imagined!

I was born and raised in Kentucky. I received my Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Counseling from Western Kentucky University. I am a National Certified Counselor, and am licensed in Kentucky and North Carolina as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I enjoy traveling the world and submerging myself into new cultures. The past seven years of my life, have been dedicated to living abroad and providing counseling and support to the brave men and women of our military. In addition to my clinical training, I am also a certified yoga teacher. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending countless hours on Pinterest, practicing yoga, shopping for amazing deals, traveling, reading, and dabbling in DIY projects!

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