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About Sims Counseling & Consulting


About Us

Sims Counseling and Consulting, established on October 3, 2015, is the vision realized by its founder, LaShonda Sims Duncan. Driven by a commitment to address the mental health and wellness needs of everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, LaShonda envisioned a mental health practice that would offer high-quality and compassionate care to individuals who may not yet recognize the value of these services for themselves. Her mission was to establish a nurturing environment where individuals could explore new thoughts and discuss topics seldom shared outside the confines of their homes or at all.

LaShonda, drawing from her own experiences of humble beginnings and firsthand encounters with the stigma, bias, stereotypes, and limitations in healthcare, aimed to create a space where clients on state funded insurance plans (Medicaid) receive the same high-quality care as self-pay clients. Her personal mantra for the practice is "Feel Safe & Seen at Sims."

Welcome to Sims


Through evidence-based therapeutic modalities, integrative treatment techniques, and supportive listening, we help raise clients' awareness of their inner knowing, ineffective behaviors, and harmful ways of thinking that may be standing in the way of the change they wish to see. 

Therapists you can trust

In therapy, we provide a safe place for clients to explore their lives and their core beliefs that shape the reality they are living. No person is the same, therefore we integrate a variety of therapeutic interventions that will yield optimum results for each unique individual.

In every interaction, our goal is to create a space where you can authentically be yourself, where your unique journey is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Our commitment to providing culturally competent services ensures that your individual background and experiences are respected and embraced.

While we specialize in BIPOC healing, Sims is a place for EveryBODY. We understand that true healing happens within the tapestry of community, where diverse stories come together.


Our doors are open to anyone seeking a holistic approach to mental well-being, a space where you are not just a client, but a valued member of our healing community.

Feel Safe & Seen at Sims


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