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Walk and Talk Therapy in Louisville

Walk and Talk Therapy is where nature and mindful movement meet talk therapy. Instead of sitting in an office or on your couch, we take our sessions outdoors, allowing you to connect with nature as you explore your inner world. It's a dynamic and invigorating experience that blends the benefits of physical activity with the insights of psychotherapy.

Together, we'll decide on a suitable outdoor location – whether it's a local park, nature reserve, or a scenic trail. Walking side by side, our sessions encourage a more conversational flow. The movement often facilitates a natural rhythm to our discussions.

Don’t worry, we'll move at a pace that feels comfortable for you, ensuring that the physical aspect complements rather than overwhelms the therapeutic experience.

Our Walk and Talk Therapy is adaptable to various weather conditions, providing flexibility and the opportunity to embrace the changing seasons


*Check with your specific therapist to see if this is an offering they provide.

Walk and talk counseling

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