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Individual Counseling in Louisville

We serve the mental health counseling and therapy needs of adults, children, and teens.

We offer empathetic listening, evidence-based treatment approaches, and culturally competent support. Whether you’re dealing with workplace conflict, life stress, self-esteem issues, grief, or any other concern making you feel stuck — Sims has compassionate and highly-trained licensed professional therapist who are ready to hold space for you to process and work through those issues.

Dealing with a situation that is causing you distress? Want to learn to manage the situation better? In therapy, we provide a safe place for clients to explore their lives and their core beliefs and narratives that shapes the reality they are living.  


We see counseling as a process by which we guide our client in exploration, clarifications, and identification of their needs. Often times, we might not know what we need, we just know something needs to change! We are here to help you figure it out.

Journey to the self through therapy

Feel Safe & Seen at Sims


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