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Couples Counseling in Louisville

At Sims Counseling & Consulting, we know that relationships can be a lot of work. We also know how couples therapy can help. With both our marriage and couples counseling services, our goal is to help you re-establish or strengthen your partnership.

Need to say something and just don't know how? Need help forgiving? Struggling to move forward? Want to learn how to effectively communicate with your partner? All relationships, especially romantic ones, experience conflict every now and then. Sometimes you are able to hit a bump in the road and keep moving forward, and other times you might get stuck.


That's where we come in! At times, it takes an objective third party to look in from the outside and help you figure out what is really going on! We have experience working with couples on a variety of issues including: communication, conflict resolution, trust, infidelity, financial differences, co-parenting, unrealistic expectations, social media boundaries, intimacy, time management, premarital issues, and various perpetual relationship issues. 


We want to help you have the BEST relationship possible! Whether it's a relationship with yourself, or a relationship with a significant other.

Let's talk about it a different way

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